When it comes to choosing a wedding veil, the decision is not always the easiest – in fact, a lot of our brides find it the hardest decision to make!

To make it easier, we’ve unpacked our top tips and advice for you below…

1. Length

Veils come in all different lengths and sizes, so firstly decide what length you’d like your veil to be.

TO CONSIDER: Does your wedding dress have a train? Is it long or short? Detailed or simple?

Generally, wedding dresses with a long train look beautiful with either a long cathedral veil or a shorter chapel length veil. It will depend if your dress has any lace or beaded detail on the train that you want to show off with a shorter veil, or extend through a longer veil.

Veils come in a range of lengths from short elbow length, Floor Length, Chapel, Cathedral and Royal Length.

2. Decide on Style

Now that you’ve decided on the length of your veil, consider what style and colour veil you want.

In terms of style, decide wether you want a veil that is plain and simple, or something that is detailed and beaded.

Plain/Simple Veils: Our range of plain tulle veils include our Lyla Cathedral Tulle Veil, Chapel Tulle Veil, Floor Length Tulle Veil, and Modern Structured Tulle Veil. These veils are made of only the softest tulle and will work perfectly against a detailed or simple dress

3. Colour

What Colour veil should I choose?

Bright white or  White veils  go well with classic white bridal gowns while Ivory Veils is by far the most popular wedding veil color and pair well with the off-white or ivory toned wedding dress.

Note that there are different tones of white in Bridal Fabrics, so make sure to check the colour of your dress prior to ordering your veil.

We also offer SAMPLE TULLE CARDS so that you can pick the correct colour veil for your dress.

4. Purchasing

When Should I buy my veil?

It is best to have your dress first before ordering your veil, so as soon as your dress has arrived and you have confirmed the colour and you can then decide on the style of veil you will opt for.

If you are still unsure about the right veil, reach out to one of our stylist here or book your studio appointment.

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